Self-signed certs and CACert non-support in

Over the years there have been some requests to support self-signed certificates or CACert certificates in Self-signed certificates and certificates signed by less-trusted providers like CACert appear to work when you’re installing, but later your server will have trouble communicating with other servers.

This trouble occurs because while you may have CACert or your self-signed certificate in your operating system’s trust store, other servers will not. When your server tries to deliver posts to them, or they to you, it won’t work because the other servers won’t trust your server and distribution will fail.

Support for these certs will never appear in core. Not only would it be a burden to maintain, it would compromise the security of the overall network - and for no good reason since reasonable alternatives exist.

If you are looking for a free TLS certificate, please consider Let’s Encrypt. Documentation is available on how to use Certbot to automatically get Let’s Encrypt certificates for