Configuration via environment variables


This is the recommended configuration method for containerized daemons.

The pump daemon accepts configuration values via environment variables. Each variable is prefixed with PUMPIO_ and then has the capitalized configuration key you want to set. For example, the port key can be set via the environment variable PUMPIO_PORT.

To configure camelcased config values like urlPort, replace the camelcasing with an underscore (_). For example, urlPort would become PUMPIO_URL_PORT. Keys whose value is an object can be specified using __ (two underscores) to separate subkeys. For example, the params key with the following object as its contents:

{ "host": "localhost" }

can be represented by exporting PUMPIO_PARAMS__HOST to the environment with a value of localhost. Exactly how to set environment variables will depend on how you start the daemon.

Environment variables override JSON configuration files and are overridden by CLI flags.

For a list of all available configuration values, see the reference list.