Installation channels

This page documents where you can obtain and the different levels of support we offer for each distribution channel.

Anything not listed on this page should be considered completely unsupported by the project, and you should carefully evaluate the risk before using any such resource.

Channel Security support Betas available Coordinated release schedule Recommended for
npm registry Yes Yes Direct General use
GitHub clone Yes Yes Direct Installations which need to patch the source code
Docker image Yes Yes Direct Administrators with existing Docker infrastructure they want to use
  • Security support means that the project guarantees it will support installations using this channel with security updates.
  • Betas available means that you can acquire betas as well as stable releases from this channel.
  • Coordinated release schedule indicates whether this channel will have the latest release as soon as upstream cuts a release; “direct” indicates that the project is directly responsible for releases through this channel, and “coordinated” means that will coordinate schedules with this channel to ensure that updates are timely.
  • Recommended for describes which scenarios you should use this installation method for.