You’ll need four things to get started:

  • node.js 6.x or higher
  • npm 2.15.x or higher (4.x or above preferred)
  • A database server (see below)
  • The graphicsmagick package with the gm command


If you’re planning to use npm to install the unpublished git master version of, npm 4 or better is a requirement, not a recommendation.

Database server uses databank package to abstract out the data storage for the system. Any databank driver should work. Couchbase, MongoDB and Redis are probably the best bets for production servers. disk and memory should only be used for testing.

If you’re confused, just use the MongoDB one, databank-mongodb.

You can find other drivers like so:

$ npm search databank

See the installation instructions for how to install a databank driver.

Note that you also need to install and configure your database server.

Changelog version Change type Change
0.3.0 New dependency GraphicksMagick with the gm command is now required
5.0.0 Version change Node.js 4.x or better is now required
6.0.0 Version change Node.js 6.x or better is now required